Selected Conference Publications 

ICCD 2019

Architectural Implications on the Performance and Cost of Edge NFV Systems

Jianda Wang, Yang Hu

ICCD 2019

An FPGA Implementation of Stochastic Computing-based LSTM

Guy Maor, Xiaoming Zeng, Zhendong Wang, Yang Hu

IWQoS 2019

Characterizing and Orchestrating NFV-Ready Servers for Efficient Edge Data Processing [paper]

Lu Zhang, Chao Li, Pengyu Wang, Yunxin Liu, Yang Hu, Quan Chen, Minyi Guo

ISCA 2018

Prediction based Execution on Deep Neural Networks

Mingcong Song, Jiechen Zhao, Yang Hu, Jiaqi Zhang, and Tao Li

HPCA 2018

Enabling Efficient Network Service Function Chain Deployment on Heterogeneous Server Platform

Mingcong Song, Jiechen Zhao, Yang Hu, Jiaqi Zhang, and Tao Li

HPCA 2018

In-situ AI: Towards Autonomous and Incremental Deep Learning for IoT Systems

Mingcong Song, Kan Zhong, Jiaqi Zhang, Yang Hu, Duo Liu, Weigong Zhang, Jing Wang and Tao Li


Towards “Full Containerization” in Container Based Network Function Virtualization

Yang Hu, Mincong Song, Tao Li

SC 2017

LocoFS: A Loosely-Coupled Metadata Service for Distributed File System

Siyang Li, Jiwu Shu, Youyou Lu, Yang Hu, and Tao Li.

HPCA 2017

Towards Pervasive and User Satisfactory CNN across GPU Microarchitectures

Mingcong Song, Yang Hu, Huixiang Chen, and Tao Li


Characterizing GaaS Workloads Under Virtualized GPU Environment

Huixiang Chen, Yang Hu, Meng Wang, Mingcong Song, and Tao Li

MICRO 2016

Towards Efficient Server Architecture for Virtualized Network Function Deployment: Implications and Implementations

Yang Hu, and Tao Li

PACT 2016

Bridging the Semantic Gaps of GPU Acceleration for Scale-out CNN-based Big Data Processing: Think Big, See Small

Mingcong Song ; Yang Hu ; Yunlong Xu ; Chao Li ; Huixiang Chen ; Jingling Yuan ; Tao Li

ICS 2016

HOPE: Enabling Efficient Service Orchestration in Software-Defined Data Centers

Yang Hu, Chao Li, Longjun Liu, and Tao Li

ICS 2016

Towards an Adaptive Multi-Power-Source Datacenter

Longjun Liu, Chao Li, Hongbin Sun, Yang Hu, Tao Li, Jingmin Xin and Nanning Zheng

ISCA 2015

Towards Sustainable in-Situ Server Systems in the Big Data Era

Yang Hu*, Chao Li*, Longjun Liu*, Juncheng Gu, Mingcong Song, Jingling Yuan, Xiaoyao Liang, and Tao Li

ISCA 2015

HEB: Deploying and Managing Hybrid Energy Buffers for Improving Datacenter Efficiency and Economy

Longjun Liu*, Chao Li*, Hongbin Sun, Yang Hu, Juncheng Gu, Tao Li, Jingmin Xin, and Nanning Zheng

DSN 2015

BAAT: Towards Dynamically Managing Battery Aging in Green Datacenters

Longjun Liu, Chao Li, Hongbin Sun, Yang Hu, Juncheng Gu, and Tao Li

MICRO 2013

Enabling Datacenter Servers to Scale Out Economically and Sustainably

Chao Li, Yang Hu, Ruijin Zhou, Ming Liu, Longjun Liu, and Tao Li

Journal Publications








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